My family founded Delicias Andinas in 1990 in Queens, New York, to bring the delicious taste of Colombian Arepas to the United States.

Manuel Miranda Founder, Delicias Andinas


Before Delicias Andinas opened its doors more than 30 years ago, people would spend half their days preparing fresh homemade Arepas. Each day, we slow-cook our specially selected corn, use a proprietary grinding process to hand-shape our Arepas, and bake them “a la perfeccion” like home.

Traditional Artisan Recipe

We stay true to our original artisan recipe and focus on getting every detail right. We stand behind our products and make them with the same care and devotion as if we were serving our very first customer.

Fresh, Never Frozen

We make our Arepas fresh every day, they are never frozen. Delivered daily, you can buy our freshly made arepas in more than 300 stores throughout the Tri-state area and enjoy them in over 100 restaurants.

Spreading Arepa Love

With the migration of many Latinos and the growing popularity of Latin American cuisine, Arepas are quickly gaining popularity in mainstream America. Our irresistible Arepas de Queso are especially popular.

Our Commitment

Many think the main ingredient in our Arepas is superior ground corn. Yet even more pronounced in every bite is our commitment and dedication to our family — and our customers. Delicias Andinas is more than a company for us; it is a badge of honor that we wear every day with immense pride.


Our work environment is based on mutual trust, support, and a commitment to innovation and integrity:

  • Integrity: We will do what is right, even (especially) when no one is watching.
  • Innovation: We are not satisfied with the average, the norm, and what everyone else is doing. We think differently and act apart from the crowd.