Arepas, the mainstay of the South American diet for thousands of years, can be enjoyed with many different toppings, stuffed, or even eaten for dessert. Made from yellow and white corn and best described as a cross between a tortilla and a pancake, Arepas are naturally gluten-free and make a delicious bread replacement.


While Arepas vary from country to country in South America, Delicas Andinas specializes in fresh Colombian Arepas. Sold fresh, never frozen, and made by hand, Delicias Andinas Arepas are crunchy on the outside and moist in the middle. The classic Colombian Arepa.


Making Arepas with Superior
Taste and Texture

Tradition holds that the most popular Arepas, Arepas de Maize (corn), are also the most versatile. Delicias Andinas Arepas owe their superior taste and fluffy texture to premium white and yellow corn grown in the United States.

But before the corn can hope to become an Arepa, it undergoes a very labor-intensive process. First, we break the corn into Maiz Trillao (corn grit) and shell and de-germ it. Next, we cook the corn grit, grind it to masa (dough), flatten it, and cut it into patties. Finally, the arepas are grilled a la perfección.