Colombiana Cookbook

Introducing the Colombiana Cookbook by Mariana Velásquez

Colombians are well known for their hospitality. They feed their guests well and leave them feeling nourished in body and soul. 

In the new cookbook from author Mariana Velásquez, Colombiana: A Rediscovery of Recipes and Rituals from the Soul of Colombia, the culinary tradition, generosity, and hospitality of Colombia is reflected through stunning photography, personal storytelling, and over 100 unique recipes. Showcasing classic and updated “Colombian-ish” recipes, the cookbook is divided into 6 sections: La Cocina (pantry essentials), En La Manana (In the morning), A La Mesa (main table), Al Algo (Afternoon and bites), Colombian-ish, and Oda Al Postre (desserts). 

In the book, she points out that Arepas are one of three unifying foods for Colombian cuisine: Arepas, empanadas and one-pot stews. 

With her country as her inspiration, Mariana also shares the elegant style of Colombian entertaining to make every meal delicious and memorable. A Bogata native, Mariana Velásquez is a James Beard-award-winning recipe developer and well-known food stylist on a mission to keep Colombian tradition alive. You can purchase the cookbook here.